Big Maths works! If you’re looking for a simple but highly effective way to significantly strengthen your whole school numeracy journey then choose Big Maths! Big Maths provides a clear framework (CLIC) for getting all children numerate, incorporating a weekly assessment, i.e. a ‘progress check’ (Big Maths Beat That) that informs teaching with assurance of progress without gaps in knowledge.

Big Maths is a teaching method created by Ben Harding that embraces the richness and power of maths, translating it into simple Steps and Progress Drives that make progress in maths easy and fun for both children and teachers. Schools up and down the United Kingdom and abroad now learn through Big Maths every day and take part in the ‘Big Maths, Beat That!’ challenge every week. Recognition of the inspirationally rigorous framework provided by Big Maths is growing all the time, because it works, making the teaching of maths accessible and simple for all teachers and the acquisition of knowledge achievable for all children!

Big Maths firstly answers the question, ‘How do we get children properly numerate as they journey through school?’ CLIC (Counting, Learn Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculation) makes new learning easy and obvious to children by cashing in on the timeless natural laws of Maths.

Big Maths provides a rigorous, systematic and structured approach that gives the school leader instantaneous organisation and alignment. The CLIC resources provide progression at a glance as well as in detail, empowering all adults in the school to easily and accurately intervene and plug gaps where necessary. Of course, this knowledge allows schools to prevent gaps from developing as all children make their way through the system with the necessary pre-requisite skills to meet new learning with further success and confidence. Implementation of Big Maths allows schools to provide quality maths education for all every type of learner, regardless of age with a definitive, distinctive approach that encourages success for all.

Big Maths is not just high on systemisation, it is also high on empathy. It provides children with a fun and lively experience as they learn with jingles, songs, games and the famous Big Maths Characters. For further details regarding the structure of Big Maths, click the links below.



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