If a child can’t say it, a child can’t write it”

Big Writing is a methodology that is highly enjoyable and motivating and – when done right – has an immediate impact for all children. Proven and effective, Big Writing is the perfect teaching method to raise standards in writing.

  • 20% rise in standards within the first full year of implementation
  • 90%+ of all children aged 11 at Level 4 and above within 3 to 5 years
  • Implemented successfully in over 10,000 schools across the UK and over 20 countries worldwide
  • Fun, lively and motivating for all
  • Excites and motivates boys
  • Best practices for English as an Additional Language

Delegates attending Big Writing, will be given all of the tools necessary to implement Big Writing in school. Our Big Writing conferences are targeted to enable colleagues to support their pupils as they learn and develop the ideas, vocabulary and higher level grammatical structures needed to improve their writing almost entirely through talk.

Delegates will be introduced to:

  • The Standards for Writing Assessment
  • The power of VCOP and a number of related activities
  • The imaginary friend along with guidance of its use
  • The importance and power of talk and its benefits

Big Writing is Assessment for Learning.

Ros Wilson Introduces Big Writing



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