Big Maths: Teach Different

The Big Maths Beat That! Challenges are just one part of a framework that embraces the logical nature of maths, translating it into simple steps and Progress Drives. There is great detail built into the system which develops teacher subject knowledge and expertise as well as promoting organisation and consistency across school.


Big Maths Beat That! Challenges Are Free!

Big Maths Beat That! is the formative assessment framework of Big Maths which allows teachers to identify whether their pupils are at the expected standard for their Basic Skills and wider mathematical knowledge.

Since 2014, schools have been bombarded with promises and marketing for a number of systems that claim to be the solution for school assessment needs. An increasing number of schools are contacting us for help with their maths because they have been provided with either re-structured curriculum statements or a system which has insufficient formative assessment.

A school or teacher that implements Beat That! will identify any gaps in knowledge through the weekly challenges. They can then use our proven framework of Steps and Progress Drives to move children on with no gaps in learning.