Create your Own Mully Christmas

As Christmas draws near, Mully and his Big Maths friends are preparing for the big day! For a fun classroom activity in the lead-up to the holidays, teachers can download a Mully Christmas puppet decoration for children to cut out and create using paper fasteners and some string! For added fun, Children can decorate Mully’s beard ready for the Christmas celebrations!

Share your class’ creations on Twitter by tweeting us @Andrell_Ed or using the hashtag #BigMaths #MullyChristmas

Big Maths – A teacher’s must have companion

Tailored Notes and Resources

Big Maths online provides teachers with access to tailored teaching notes and 1,000’s of resources  at the click of a button. Quick and easy, this system saves teachers hours of time.

Detailed Planning

There is no need to worry about curriculum expectations with the Big Maths planning map. This area of the site will show teachers what they need to teach in a term to ensure that children reach the curriculum expectations of their country.


There is no easier way to plan a lesson for Big Maths. You can seamlessly list steps you would like to teach and pull in whatever resource you think you need. This area will store your lesson plans for years giving you the tools to copy a previous lesson with ease.

Tracking and Reporting

Focused, detailed reporting is the best way to inform next weeks lessons. Because the Big Maths way is so interconnected, this area will show teachers who are secure in a learning step and who need to spend more time on it.