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‘Big Maths, Beat That!’ is an assessment tool that allows teachers to see exactly what their children know and what they don’t know. It provides children with a fun and motivational way to track their own progress and set their own targets for numeracy. It involves two quick and easy tests that children typically complete on a Friday alongside Big Write. The children are constantly challenged to increase their own score (literally…”Beat That!”, where ‘that’ is their best ever score) and the teachers’ role in uplevelling each child is at the heart of teaching through CLIC.

‘The Total Recall Challenge’ asks the children to answer a set number of ‘Learn Its’ questions in a set time. There is another jingle (again available for free from the Andrell Education website), and these provide the time limits for each challenge. There are 6 different Total Recall challenges, and these are linked to the Learn Its schedule from Big Maths. Children keep the same challenge all year and aim to write down all the facts required in the time available. Once they can complete it in the time available then they aim to complete it in a quicker time.

  • Steps 1, 2, 3 – only addition facts
  • Steps 4, 5, 6 – only addition facts
  • Steps 7, 8, 9 – there are the remaining 1 digit add 1 digit facts and facts from the X10, X5 and X2 tables
  • Steps 10, 11, 12 – there are no addition facts since the focus is on the X3, X4 and X8 tables
  • Step 13 – the 6 multiplication facts from the X6, X7, X9 tables that have not already been learnt as part of earlier tables are tested along with all 36 of the addition facts.
  • Steps 1 – 13 – all 36 addition facts and 36 multiplication facts are tested.

Crucially, the ‘Big Maths, Beat That!’ disc also has a software package that easily allows schools to input each child’s data. The software then creates easy to read line graphs for a visual representation of each child’s progress over time for both challenges. These can be controlled to select a specific group of children, or to illustrate the average gains of an entire class. The software also effortlessly creates bar graphs for each child’s 10 CLIC challenge questions so that success in these areas can be quickly tracked.


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