Big Maths is your whole school solution to the entire primary maths curriculum!

We are delighted to announce that Outer Numeracy is here! The step by step framework for Outer Numeracy, which was built on the same unique principles that makes CLIC so successful, will give all schools (including those new to Big Maths) the solution to teaching mathematics in school. From planning and assessment to brand new content on the Big Maths pedagogy, this resource will give you a concise and robust framework from which to implement Big Maths across the entire school.

This resource contains a site licensed DVD disc to access a large amount of additional resources across school. We recommend that schools purchase 1-3 copies of the book per school, depending on your size. This will act as a reference document for all staff members and will be your whole-school maths policy.

‘The Definitive Assessment Framework for Primary Mathematics’ contains:

  • an introduction to Core Numeracy;
  • an introduction to Outer Numeracy;
  • a thorough description of the assessment process in Big Maths;
  • the CLIC Progress Drives;
  • the Little Big Maths Progress Drives;
  • the Outer Numeracy Progress Drives: SAFE, Column Methods and Dangerous Maths;
  • the Big Maths Beat That! Challenges: CLIC Challenges, Learn Its Challenges, SAFE Challenges and Numeracy Nailed Challenges;
  • the Big Maths Planning document which shows what to teach in which term for Core and Outer Numeracy;
  • all of the Progress Drives and Steps for A-CLIC,CLIC, SAFE, Column Methods and Dangerous Maths as a PDF;
  • teacher notes for the SAFE Challenge question steps; and
  • assessment proformas to track each child’s performance accurately and against national expectations..

Implementing Big Maths alongside this resource offers:

  • the ability for school leaders to track cohorts, groups and individuals against nationally agreed, age-related expectations;
  • a definitive maths framework broken down into small, easily manageable steps which makes teaching easier and increases subject knowledge;
  • a structure that allows a teacher to say, with confidence, where each child is and what they need to do next to progress;
  • a detailed planning document for each term from Reception to Year 6;
  • Big Maths Beat That!: a suite of weekly assessments covering the whole primary mathematics curriculum;
  • the tools and mind set to quickly identify and eliminate learning gaps;
  • a framework that makes pupils feel as if they are being taught and tracked by one incredible teacher throughout their school journey;
  • every pupil access to a clear, simple and easily visible framework that allows them to share and celebrate their success at every opportunity.

The accompanying disc contains country specific content including planning and curriculum mapping. We will send out the suitable disc for your school.

ISBN: 978-0-9927337-3-5


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