The Big Reading Teachers’ Guide and Mini Missions contains:

  • an explanation as to the background of Big Reading and why it is designed as it is;
  • a definition of the five ‘key skills’ of reading that every child needs to master;
  • a journey through each of the five ‘key skills’ of reading;
  • a Big Reading lesson format that leads and supports the teacher in planning for the needs of their class;
  • sample lesson plans to enable the teacher to begin teaching Big Reading with confidence;
  • references to the ‘Oxford Reading Criterion Scale’ (ORCS) that is at the heart of Big Reading and each child’s personal reading learning journey;
  • the key that will turn ‘decoders’ into ‘readers’.
  • a comprehensive guide to organising your reading week within the classroom;
  • a plethora of practical Big Reading activities known as Mini Missions, which will support further the precision planning, teaching and assessing of reading in the classroom;
  • a rationale for why the ‘Mini Mission’ support materials have been created and why it will become an integral part of your day-to-day planning and teaching practice;
  • an explanation about how the Mini Mission support materials can be used flexibly within your classroom, both within and beyond the Big Reading session;
  • a list of Mini Missions each linked to a point on the ‘Oxford Reading Criterion Scale’ (ORCS) from the beginning of Reception to the end of Key Stage 2;
  • a Mini Missions activity guide explaining many of the Mini Mission reading activities, as well as other Big Reading activities and strategies that can be used within and beyond the Big Reading session; and
  • A CD with an interactive interface to find, view and print each of the Big Reading Mini Missions and their related activity sheets.

ISBN: 978-0-9572057-5-8

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