Big Maths CLIC Book

The CLIC Book contains all of the resources needed to implement Big Maths in school…

Big Maths seeks to address the common lack of confidence shown by children. The 4 elements of CLIC are: Counting, Learn Its, It’s Nothing New! and Calculations. This is the sequence through which everyone develops numeracy.

Progress Drives are summaries of the mathematics involved in each stage of CLIC. They provide an ‘at a glance’ understanding in order to increase clarity and subject knowledge. Sharing the progress drives with children increases the Assessment for Learning basis of Big Maths.

The CLIC Book provides teachers with common and consistent messages for use throughout school. This gives children a smoother development journey and aids rapid progress.

Big Maths is your whole school solution to the entire primary maths curriculum!

‘Big Maths: The Definitive Assessment Framework for Primary Mathematics’ is the definitive package for the implementation in schools. It contains all of the assessment and planning information as well as the complete set of Big Maths Beat That! Challenges.

ISBN: 978-0-9572057-6-5


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