Ros Wilson_lrg

Name: Ros Wilson
Approach: Creator Big Writing

Relevant Experience:

  • Head of Special Unit – Bahamas – 3 years
  • Deputy Head – Cayman Islands – 2 years
  • Founder / Head of Middle School – Cayman Islands – 2 years
  • Head of English in a Middle School – Bradford – 3 years
  • LA Advisor for Assessment – Kirkless – 7 years
  • Ofsted Inspector – 12 years active
  • AST Assessor – 5 years
  • Head of Primary – Qatar – 2 years
  • Primary Strategy Manager – Bradford – 2 years
  • Education Consultant – International – Since 2000
  • M. Ed in Primary Assessment – 1994

Ros Wilson has over fifty years experience in education, including twenty-seven years in schools, ten years in Senior Management positions and fourteen years in advisory and inspection work. She has taught in primary, middle and secondary schools in England and overseas, and has wide experience in teaching and advising on raising achievement for pupils with English as an additional language and also pupils with special educational needs.

Ros has a Masters Degree in Education, specialising in assessment. As Education Adviser for the curriculum and assessment, her work on classroom management and organisation through a child-centred approach to education, positive reinforcement, raised self-esteem, and empowering pupils in the learning process has been published on several occasions. She also co-wrote and published the original Kirklees ‘Formative and Summative Assessment of Writing’ (1998), and the original Kirklees ‘Primary Curriculum Organiser’.

Ros’ second publication, ‘Strategies for Immediate Impact on Writing Standards’, has been a revelation to those who have seen it. The feedback from schools and advisors alike has been extremely gratifying, but she takes most pleasure from the results realised by schools employing her methods.

Ros’s next publication, ‘Write on Target’ was published in May 2006 and builds on the previous publications, ‘Raising Standards in Writing’ (2002) and ‘Strategies for Immediate Impact on Writing Standards’ (2003).

Ros now focuses on writing and her consultancy, specialising in training, advising and supporting in schools. She is an articulate and humorous trainer who consistently provides entertaining but focused and informative advice that is specific and current. She is also a thoughtful and thorough researcher, who maintains direct contact with children and teachers, working in classrooms to ensure her advice and materials are relevant. She especially values her involvement in supporting Headteachers in both the UK and overseas.