Big Maths 2.2

12th January 2018

Big Maths Updates 2.2

Interactive Learn Its

Children can now complete the weekly Learn Its challenges online by logging into Big Maths with their school pin, username and password. The easy to use interface allows children to quickly input their answers with greater independence using the same timings as with the printed Learn Its challenges. Children can access the challenges on a tablet and enter scores with the on screen number pad or complete the challenges with a keyboard by typing numbers in the answer box and pressing return.

When the time runs out, the system will automatically stop the challenge and record the results, making it even easier for teachers to prepare for and manage the weekly challenges. Scores will be automatically fed into the tracking area so users can see the results and track progress without the need to manually input scores.


Shape Teacher Notes

Detailed teacher notes are now available for all 126 steps in SAFE: Shape. Written by Ben Harding, the creator of Big Maths, these include visual examples and advice on how to teach each step successfully.

This significant addition to SAFE continues to make Big Maths unlike any other mathematical approach, giving teachers complete control.


Average Attainment

From Monday 15th January, users will be able to access an average attainment graph in the tracking area. Complementing the attainment graph, the average attainment graph will give users the option to see the average scores of classes or groups for CLIC, Learn Its or SAFE over a period of time. Senior leaders will be able to access the average scores for all the classes in school, allowing quick and simple reporting.


Learn Its Scores

From Monday 15th January,  the Learn Its scores will be shown as a percentage in the tracking area, making comparison much easier for all users. Scores will indicate a child’s progress through a step. For example, if a child scores 19/26 on Learn Its 12, 13 and 14, their score will display as 14.73 – indicating they are currently on Step 14 and have 73% of that step secured.


Other Improvements

Additional changes to the Big Maths website include bug fixes and user interface improvements, with improved icons and imagery for high quality displays.


Our commitment to continue improving and updating Big Maths extends into 2018 and beyond into the 2018/19 academic year. With over 3,200 resources and counting, Big Maths gives every child the potential to become fully numerate by the end of their primary education.