Big Maths Promote Update

11th December 2017

Big Maths Promote Update

The Big Maths Beat That! Challenges have been an integral part of Big Maths since its launch in 2010. The weekly assessments are essential for tracking each child’s learning journey and pinpointing exactly where they are within CLIC and SAFE.

After receiving feedback from a number of Big Maths schools, the promote button has reverted back to the way it was pre Big Maths 2.0. This means that the promote button will only appear when a child has secured full marks for three consecutive weeks in CLIC or SAFE and one week, within the time limit, for Learn Its.

Teachers still have the option to manually promote children by changing their associated challenge in the admin area. They may also decide to ignore the promote option after three weeks and continue to give a child the same challenge until they feel they are ready to be promoted.

With the launch of Big Maths 2.0 in September, we wanted to give as much flexibility and control to you as we could. Whilst we advised that children should achieve full marks for three consecutive weeks before moving on, we were conscious that you know your children best. So, we changed the website to give you the ability to promote a child when you felt they were ready.

After feedback from users, the promote option will now only appear after getting full marks in CLIC and SAFE challenges for three weeks in a row to match the recommendation of Big Maths. For Learn Its, the promote option will appear after one week of full marks achieved within the time limit.

Users are able to leave weeks completely empty for absences and holidays. The system will continue to ignore those weeks so that full marks before a holiday or absence will count towards the three consecutive full marks.

2017 has been a busy year for Big Maths and we are thankful for your support. Keep an eye out for more developments in 2018 as we continue to support you in raising standards and saving teachers time.