Whole Staff Training

Getting started with Professional Development is the only way to guarantee everyone hears the same messages, giving you the consistency needed to raise standards across the school. When implementing an approach that will transform teaching, it is proven that a long-term strategy of training days and support over a number of terms gives you the best chance to raise standards. As schools adjust to life after COVID, we recognise the value of flexibility and have adapted our practice to work with you.

“This is the best INSET training I have ever received. Truly inspirational. I can’t wait to get back in the classroom”

We would love to discuss your needs and tailor our training and resource packages specifically for your school. 

International training

We have had the privilege of providing training to 100’s of schools around the world. Our team of consultants has thoroughly enjoyed meeting some amazing teachers who work in these overseas schools.

We are very experienced in training international schools and discuss your needs extensively before planning the best format for the day(s).